Video: ‘Rick Ross Is Sending Negative Messages To Young People’ Says @FreewayRicky Ross

Video: 'Rick Ross Is Sending Negative Messages To Young People' Says @FreewayRicky Ross

Former drug kingpin turned motivational speaker Freeway Rick Ross has been very outspoken about some of the content presented in rap music. One of Ross’ constant targets of criticism is the rapper who took his name. In an interview with HipHopEnquirer, Freeway Rick once again voiced his opinion that the messages in rapper Rick Ross’ music is damaging for the youth.

“He’s another one that I believe has it twisted, who doesn’t understand that the message he’s putting out encourages young people to follow this life path,” said Ross. “Now our young people believe you can go out and sell drugs and parlay that into a record career, and there’s no record deal at the end of the rainbow. More than likely it’s prison or even death.”

Ross recently released the book “Freeway Rick Ross: The Untold Autobiography”. His involvement in the alleged CIA program of bringing illegal drugs into the United States was also captured in the new film “Kill The Messenger”.

You can watch Freeway Rick Ross’ interview in full below…

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