Video: @Rediculus feat. Token (@TokenHipHop) - Homage

Video: @Rediculus feat. Token (@TokenHipHop) - Homage

Hip-Hop, as it exists today, is constantly pushing its creative boundaries, while still retaining its historical ties as a culture that started out in the park. The influence of yesteryear has allowed for new heads to trace a lineage of sounds, sights, and historic moments, allowing the current generation to pay "Homage" to its past.

Rediculus: 'In Response: Dee Fi' Album (Cover) [Poster Artwork]

Representing this new wave of emcees is Token, the Salem, Massachusetts high school student who aims to keep that classic sound as the fundamental component of his rap pedigree. Produced by Chi-Town's Rediculus, "Homage" blends a KRS-One quotable over a smoothed out instrumental, serving as the backdrop for Token's lyrical onslaught.

Beyond paying respects to The Teacha, both the track and the black and white visuals help to maintain focus on the topic at hand, while showcasing Token's ability to stand on his own. "Homage" can be found on Rediculus' producer compilation, 'In Response: Dee-Fi', which is now available for free download here on!!!

You can also stream & download this track on SoundCloud & AudioMack!!!