Video: Rajé Shwari (@TheRealRaje) feat. Gadiva (@MichaelGadiva) - Kitty Kat
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Video: Rajé Shwari (@TheRealRaje) feat. Gadiva (@MichaelGadiva) – Kitty Kat

Back like it never left, this “sexy Urban, Hip-Hop with an Indian flavor” sound, aka BollyHood, is pioneered by artist Rajé Shwari. Her cult-following knows her from timeless features on many tracks with Hip-Hop giants like Timbaland, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Pharrell, & Nas when she broke out on the scene with her eclectic & unique sound.

On this undeniably sultry track “Kitty Kat“, she’s back with a vengeance formulating her own style & sound, along with recruiting the biggest rising star from her own hometown, Philadelphia, named Gadiva. Together, they have collaborated their urban chic East Coast style into a global sound that syncs into a perfect combination without missing a beat.