Video: Racist Cops Slam Pregnant Black Woman To The Ground & It's All Caught On Tape

Video: Racist Cops Slam Pregnant Black Woman To The Ground & It's All Caught On Tape

Cell phone video footage from this past weekend shows Ocean City, MD., police slamming a pregnant woman to the ground during a confrontation. The woman ended up being rushed to the hospital to have an emergency C-section.

The confrontation began when an Ocean City lifeguard told a group, which the pregnant woman was a part of, to quiet down on the beach. According to the police report, one man from the group responded to the lifeguard’s warning by threatening him. After being threatened, the lifeguard called police to the area.

The video (seen below) shows a verbal confrontation between the group and the officers. Police offers then tackled one member of the group. Loud screams are then heard as several more people are tackled, including the pregnant woman. A woman is heard screaming out “She’s pregnant! She’s pregnant!” as the officer pins the woman on the ground and tried to handcuff her.

Although police claim the group was acting out of line, members from the group claim they were acting no differently than others at the beach and in fact were being racially profiled.

After being detained, the pregnant woman began having labor pains. She was released to the Peninsula Regional Medical Center where the C-section was performed.

Police have not released the woman’s name because they have not yet officially charged her for assaulting a police offer, though Ocean City police spokeswoman Lindsey O’Neal says the department still intends to do so.

Three other men from the group were charged with assaulting a police officer. There has been no update on the health of the woman or her newborn baby.

Here is the footage from the incident: