Video: Prowess The Testament (@MyNameIsProwess) - Alpha Centauri

Video: Prowess The Testament (@MyNameIsProwess) - Alpha Centauri 2

Alpha Centauri” is the lead single from Prowess The Testament's new EP, 'Air​.​Human|Breath​.​Divine', which was released on 4.1.2016!!! The song explores cosmology, philosophy, Egyptology, and folklore in a converging meditation on art & science.

Prowess The Testament - Air.Human I Breath.Divine [EP Artwork]

Produced and composed by Tim Hicks & The Dirty Church (of The Cornel West Theory) and mixed/mastered by K-Murdock (for Neosonic Productions) who maintained the essence of the gritty but high-quality production. Inspired by the classic Wu-Tang Clan sound, “Alpha Centauri” sticks true to its vintage boom bap roots—refined by Hicks’ elegant use of Kung Fu movie samples & breakbeats.

Official Video - Prowess The Testament - Alpha Centauri (S.O.N. MEDIA)

The video features some of D.C.’s finest hip-hop artists including: Enoch 7th Prophet, Ardamus, RNLShamir (of WOLM), MC Logic, & The Cornel West Theory’s Tim Hicks.