Video: @Power1051 Interviews Twista (@TwistaGMG) [8.21.2014]

Video: @Power1051 Interviews Twista (@TwistaGMG) [8.21.2014]

For throwback Thursday, The Breakfast Club had Twista, the Chicago born rapper, on the show. As Twista’s musical past was brought up, DJ Envy asked him to name his “biggest record” to date.

Twista quickly identified that “Slow Jams,” with Kanye West, has been his biggest record. The two drifted apart after the success of the single, but it’s not something tha Twista regrets.

“Nah, [there wasn’t a problem with us]. Both of us just – I think we started out one way but we started to go into our own lane musically. He [Kanye West] went his way musically and I went in my lane. I think we just had two different styles. Two different mind states. We just grew apart. … I haven’t talked to him [Kanye] recently, but every time we have a conversation we always chop it up. It’s always a good vibe.”

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