Video: @Power1051 Interviews @MekhiPhifer [3.12.2014]

Video: @Power1051 Interviews @MekhiPhifer [3.12.2014]

Mekhi Phifer played in a popular film that many still discuss and quote today, "Paid In Full (2002)". The film took place in Harlem, NY. Mekhi's character was based on the real life thug by the name of Rich Porter.

Mekhi knew the characters that were portrayed in the film and that made him feel like playing the role as a tribute to his hometown Harlem.

In order to prepare for the role, he met with the many family and friends of Rich Porter. They even told Mekhi which McDonalds Rich had to go and drop money off for his kidnapped nephew Sonny.

Charlamagne Tha God also asked Mekhi how he shed such real tears in the film in response to the kidnapping. With honesty, he explained that he thought of his own son and what he would do when if he had to deal with a loved one getting kidnapped.

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