Video: @Power1051 Interviews Keith Murray (@KeithMurrayRap) [8.7.2014]

Video: @Power1051 Interviews Keith Murray (@KeithMurrayRap) [8.7.2014]

Keith Murray is ready to battle rap Fredro Starr & he's not going to hold back with the insults.

Both rappers have been provided with instrumentals to start recording their verses in preparation of the battle.

Here's what the 90's rapper, Keith Murray explained about the battle in edition of Throwback Thursday.

"We gonna rhyme to three beats, two verses per beat and ya can battle like how rappers battle. I talked to Fredro about the type of battle because I can be very disrespectful. ... You can't say nothing to me and I'm not going to say nothing back and walk away not feeling vindicated. That's just the nature of who I am. ... I was like yeah, I wanna battle and I will be very disrespectful from the door. I'm friends with Fredro but I don't know how this is gonna turn out after the battle but ... Yeah, I'm gonna rip Fredro a new asshole.

Keith Murray stressed that hopes Fredro will be rude with the bars he spits.

"I expect him to say disrespectful things! I'm gonna say disrespectful things!"

In the full clip below, Keith talks about an encounter with Tupac, past beefs with Prodigy, Dame Dash, & more.

News & video source courtesy of Power 105.1 FM!!!