Video: @Power1051 Interviews @JheneAiko [9.8.2014]

Video: @Power1051 Interviews @JheneAiko [9.8.2014]

Jhene Aiko's debut album, 'Souled Out', hits stores this week (9.9.2014) and she came by to chat with The Breakfast Club.

Charlamagne Tha God asked Jhene about her decision to release 'Sailing Out' a mixtape, years before landing a recording contract with Def Jam and if that helped her career.

Charlmagne Tha God: I always feel like R&B singers just give away music when they don't really have to. But your song didn't really sound like anything on the radio at the time [that it dropped]. So I'm wondering, did the mixtape help that [your career]?

Jhene Aiko: Yeah, I think it did. I don't have good business sense, I'm just always like 'I made a new song, I want to put it out. I just want to put out music. Whenever I'm going through something I feel like I should just put it out. I get intuitive with it [where I think] the world needs to hear something like this. With "The Worst" -which started doing really good- I really didn't know it was gonna [chart well.] I didn't even feel like the radio would play [it]. But I never make songs where I'm like 'this is my radio hit.'

Jhene explains her album title, her rise to stardom, her sister Mila J, and more.

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