Video: @Power1051 Interviews @IceCube [1.17.2014]
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Video: @Power1051 Interviews @IceCube [1.17.2014]

Ice Cube stars in “Ride Along” with Kevin Hart and he had an engaging interview with The Breakfast Club. Below you’ll get a chance to see five new facts learned about Ice Cube.

  1. He’s in shock that 20 years has passed since he’s released “It Was A Good Day” and it’s his biggest song to-date. It’s a song he makes sure to perform for fans because they’ll cause a ruckus if he doesn’t.
  2. On his album, ‘Death Certificate‘, he recorded a diss record for N.W.A. that blew up, “No Vaseline“. He had no idea that the group was on the verge of breaking up when he dropped the song that quickly became a smash hit. The members of the group still have not discussed the song to clear up misunderstandings.
  3. Ice Cube’s in development hell” with the sequel to “Friday, but he says Chris Tucker is “engaged” in the making of the film.
  4. Cube could have had the lead role in “Poetic Justice“, but he had creative differences with the director, John Singleton. He didn’t like that the character Pac played had to kick his man off of the road trip after hitting Janet Jackson. Even though it was Janet playing the role, he couldn’t see himself putting a girl before his boy.
  5. Everything’s Corrupt‘ will be his next studio album and it stands for the “fungus that’s eating away everywhere“. He tries to live an honest life as much as he can in this “corrupt” world.