Video: Passport Rav - Salt Of The Earth

Video: Passport Rav - Salt Of The Earth

Passport Rav shares the official music video for his new single "Salt Of The Earth".

"Salt Of The Earth" is the 2nd single and accompanying music video from Passport Rav off of his stellar new album, 'Sand In My Carry On'.

Produced by Sebb Bash

Shot by Edd.MC

Edited by Passport Rav

'Sand In My Carry On' is available on all streaming platforms, including: iTunes/Apple Music | Spotify

Video: Passport Rav - Salt Of The Earth

'Sand In My Carry On' Tracklisting:

  1. Salt Of The Earth [Produced by Sebb Bash]
  2. Miyagism [Produced by Wavy Da Ghawd]
  3. Stock Market [Produced by Sebb Bash]
  4. Cabin In The Woods [Produced by Sebb Bash]
  5. High Value Man [Produced by Sebb Bash]
  6. Ankle Bracelet [Produced by Sebb Bash]
  7. Bam Fisher featuring Dot Demo & RIM [Produced by Wavy Da Ghawd]
  8. Voices [Produced by Wavy Da Ghawd]
  9. Ice Skating [Produced by Megala Don]
  10. Finer Living featuring Pro Dillinger [Produced by Wavy Da Ghawd]
  11. Don’t Get Lost In The Algorithm [Produced by Sebb Bash]
  12. Cali Breeze featuring The Musalini [Produced by Don The Jeweler]

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