Video: Paris feat. T-K.A.S.H – Turned The Key

Video: Paris feat. T-K.A.S.H - Turned The Key

Paris releases scathing commentary on gentrification in new video “Turned The Key”. The video is the third installment off his latest album ‘Safe Space Invader’.

As the latest video installment off of Paris’ brand-new full-length effort ‘Safe Space Invader’, “Turned The Key” is a furious commentary about Black life in America, this time on the subject of gentrification in the Bay Area. Born and raised in San Francisco, Paris, who still lives in Northern California, has witnessed first hand the forced exodus and displacement of entire communities in his city.

Based on real data and facts, this beautifully crafted video follows his previous single, the explosive anthem “Nobody Move,” which has so far garnered almost 1.2M views and hundreds of fans’ praises on Paris’ Guerrilla Funk YouTube channel.

‘Safe Space Invader’ is entirely self-produced and is available globally via Paris’ own Guerrilla Funk Recordings imprint. The ten-track project is a brutal commentary on Black life in 2020 America, touching on police brutality, racism, gentrification, economic inequality, and cancel culture, among other things.

Paris hails from the San Francisco Bay Area and was catapulted onto the national hip-hop scene with his hit single and album ‘The Devil Made Me Do It’, after earning a degree in economics from the University of California at Davis. He’s garnered sales above 4 million units throughout his career, amassing a considerable catalog of anti-establishment anthems in the process. He has cemented his place in hip-hop history as one of the few artists consistently unapologetic in his delivery and assessment of issues pertaining to social justice.

‘Safe Space Invader’ is available on all streaming platforms and at major digital and physical retailers.