Video: @PageKennedy – The Shoot

Video: @PageKennedy - The Shoot

Page Kennedy is well known for his acting, having played roles in such iconic shows as “Weeds“, “Rush Hour“, “Backstrom“, & “Blue Mountain State“, to say nothing of his many film roles. It seems to be a fairly well-kept secret though that he is also an accomplished rapper even though it is something he has been doing since the age of seven; but all that is about to change. Right before leaving for New Zealand, where he joins Jason Statham & Ruby Rose for pre-production of “Meg“, the Detroit native dropped the first video from his upcoming full-length project, ‘Torn Pages‘.

The Shoot” was shot entirely from a first-person perspective as Page addresses the barrage of police shootings the nation has been bombarded with recently. When asked why he would tackle such a controversial subject at a time that celebrities are taking a lot of flack for doing so, Page, who insists the video is not anti-cop states:

“I feel that after the initial outcry, the public can become desensitized to heinous events like this to a degree because of movies & television but also because police shootings like these happen far too often. The images on the news play on repeat and the victims become news stories, statistics. As a Black man in America, I asked myself what if that was me or my son this happened to. And what I felt was so visceral & overwhelming that I began to write instinctively wanting to humanize the victims as real people. To talk about their fears & emotions, thoughts, and instincts as they live their final moments…when they realize this is their reality, and how the human spirit reacts & makes decisions, good or bad, faced with its imminent mortality’.”

Ironically, in one of those bizarre moments when life imitates art, the police showed up to the set and began driving repeatedly by the location and finally surrounded the crew just as Page & his son were enacting his final moments. Fortunately they left without further incident, but this left everyone on set reinforced in the conviction that this was an important story to tell.

Torn Pages‘ features cameos from Royce Da 5’9″, Crooked I, Mr. Porter, Elzhi, Fred The Godson, Trick Trick, Kuniva, King Los, & a very special collaboration with Marsha Ambrosius and will likely have an early 2017 release date!!!