Video: Otis Clapp - Quentin (@OtisClapp)
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Video: Otis Clapp – Quentin (@OtisClapp)

Quentin Ballantino is the darker, more sullen version of Queens rapper Otis Clapp. The alter ego–whose name merges the names of revered movie director, Quentin Tarantino, and Clapp’s favorite beer, Ballantine–is at the fore of the title track from the emcee’s new EP Quentin.

“[This song] is Quentin Ballantino properly introducing himself. For the video, myself, director Nyenteenatey2, and co-producer Oskar Lavista, used some cool locations and dope lighting to create a unique aesthetic… We wanted to give this video a cinematic feel. Sonically, the song is a bit hollow in the sense that it’s minimal in instrumentation. So, visually, we wanted to convey that same dark, empty feel. The scenery is wide and open like the song’s pianos, with Quentin in the middle of it all.” –Otis Clapp

Entirely produced by Ricky Vaughn, Quentin serves as the follow-up to Clapp’s 2017 Helen Keller project. With a darker tone, Quentin covers the rapper’s struggles with mental health, ruminations of death, and more. Learn more about Clapp’s writing process on the EP here.

Video: Otis Clapp - Quentin (@OtisClapp)

In support of the release of his new EP Quentin, Queens rapper Otis Clapp will play an opening set for CRIMEAPPLE’s headlining show at SOB’s in NYC tonight (September 11, 2018).

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