Video: Oshun (@OshunNYC) - Stuck
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Video: Oshun (@OshunNYC) – Stuck

Manhattan-based vocalists Niambi Sala & Thandiwe sing & perform for the purpose of spreading Oshun’s essence & the essences of her sisters, specifically Yemaya, through music. Together they are OSHUN, a duo characterized by yellow & blue (the colors of Oshun & Yemaya, respectively), soul, hip-hop, community service, & love.

As the proverb says, “no one is enemy to water”, and their goal is to share Oshun’s peaceful omnipresence for the bigger purpose of empowering women, and all people, instilling confidence, cultural pride, & self-respect. This bigger purpose is within a re-emerging movement of cultural realignment, awareness, & creativity.