Video: Olivia Royal feat. PSYCHE – Glorious

Video: Olivia Royal feat. PSYCHE - Glorious

R&B/Pop artist Olivia Royal announces ‘PSYCHE: A Post Girl Group Experience’ mixtape plus drops “Glorious” video with girl group PSYCHE.

The ‘PSYCHE’ mixtape is a brand new take on the pop girl group. A girl group of Olivia Royal’s alter egos, Olivia is challenging the notion that we all belong in brand boxes by taking it to the extreme. Comprised of Olivia’s head (Cassie), heart (Isabela), and gut (Yummy), PSYCHE is a new way to think about the ways we present ourselves to the world and who we believe ourselves to be. You can learn more about PSYCHE at

Video: Olivia Royal feat. PSYCHE - Glorious

Olivia Royal on ‘PSYCHE‘:

“I began working on PSYCHE about 3 years ago and after being stuck in the house, post-COVID, the voices in my head only got that much louder. For a while, I felt so much pressure to define and present my brand identity as an artist when I was still trying to figure out who I was as a young woman. I decided not to cut myself down and choose one but instead showcase 3 different sides of me. I had so much fun creating PSYCHE. I grew up listening to Destiny’s Child and other 2000s girl groups so becoming my own girl group felt like the perfect progression. During quarantine, I got to expand my vision further and create not only music and music videos but video sketches, a website, collages, quizzes, and more. I’ve seen these characters express themselves fully within me and I hope that through PSYCHE my audience will be inspired to reject the limitations pushed on them and embrace their own multidimensionality.”

About Olivia Royal:
Olivia Royal is a singer/songwriter/producer from Chicago, IL. Olivia’s sound often falls along the spectrum of R&B and pop music but she pulls inspiration from many sources.

You can give the visual for Olivia Royal’s “Glorious” single (available now to stream & cop via all major digital service providers) a watch below…