Video: Obnoxious – Killshot

Video: Obnoxious - Killshot

Official Music Video

Suburban Noize Records and Regime Management are proud to announce the signing of the artist known as Obnoxious. The San Diego, CA-based hip-hop artist joins the newly reformed label that has brought you hip-hop classics from Madchild, Saigon, and La Coka Nostra. The first release from Obnoxious under his new label deal is the single “Killshot” produced by Push Buttons Beats, which is available now across all digital music platforms, and the music video can be seen below.

“I’m excited to be a part of such a legendary label like Suburban Noize and join the roster. Growing up on the West Coast they were highly influential in the scene and they aren’t afraid to push boundaries, which is the perfect place for my music,” commented Obnoxious. “I’m excited to finally release my new single ‘Killshot’ as I think it’s me tapping into that ante-up style of hip hop that hasn’t been done in a while. A lot of producers are doing the no drums or real slow vibes, but this is hype, in your face with hard-hitting drums, and a neck-snapping hook. The whole track hits you with bars and so does the rest of my catalog. The video represents the song well and is shot in my neighborhood with my people. No paid actors or pretend homies in this video.”

Growing up in one of the tougher neighborhoods in San Diego, CA, Obnoxious was just fifteen minutes from the Cartel Controlled Tijuana border on one side, and a beach town filled with stereotypical college students on the opposite side. His life stories, observations, and experiences have created the chaotic musical juxtaposition known as Obnoxious. His style represents his neighborhood with grimy street life lyricism that will make your neck snap.

Video: Obnoxious - Killshot

Kevin Zinger from Suburban Noize commented, “I’m originally from San Diego and I know people think it’s all palm trees and sunshine, but people don’t realize that SD has some of the roughest neighborhoods in the USA. From cartel influence and being on the frontline of the border, it’s one of those cities that a few wrong turns could put your life at risk. When I first heard Obnoxious I was blown away. He’s just so good at telling stories through his songs and I felt like the lyrical pictures he’s painting just need to be told.”

With his recent return to hip hop, Obnoxious has also been garnering early spins from both Sirius XM’s Shade 45 shows by DJ Premier and Rap Is Outta Control with DJ Eclipse. In the not-so-distant past, Obnoxious’ venomous lyrics helped to earn him a slot on legendary hip-hop channel BET’s 106 & Park where he was crowned a Freestyle Friday Champion for 4-straight weeks.

“After the BET thing, I honestly got frustrated with the business side of music. I had labels offering me deals, but they all wanted me to be something I wasn’t or chase trends. I felt like when you lie and cheat in the music business and they give you a platinum record or reward you with a multi-million dollar contract. If you do that in the streets you could wind up dead or at the very least you’ll get messed up. I never quit music but after being disgusted with the business side, I went back to the streets because it’s what I knew. I still rapped, but it wasn’t a priority for me. Then oddly enough, all the mumble rap and guys fronting like they hard on Instagram got me motivated to focus on music again. I’m back with the mindset of ripping the heads of anyone that gets in my way. It’s my time; its hip-hop’s time.”

Obnoxious walked away from the record deals and accolades that came with his early success. But with a newfound vision and motivation, he is looking to take his place alongside many of the great street poets in hip-hop. No frills, no bling, just raw lyrics and the true-life stories that are OBNOXIOUS.