Video: @NoelzVedere (feat. @SunniColon) » #Bittersweet

Video: @NoelzVedere (feat. @SunniColon) » #Bittersweet

Despite the recent spotlight attracted to the Chicago hip-hop scene by artists from Kanye West to Chance The Rapper, Chicago's Northside has largely stayed under the radar. Until rapper Noelz Vedere came around, that is. As is evident in the rapper's new video for "Bittersweet", Noelz aims for the highest echelon of music success. In his HipHopDX interview, he speaks to these ambitious aims: "I want to be looked at as one of the greats, and all of the fame and fancy stuff is cool if you choose to move that way, but ultimately I want to be remembered for pushing the limit with timeless music that touches people."

Noelz says of his hometown, "I literally have friends who own houses in the hundreds of thousands, and I have friends who are below the poverty line. Me being in the middle, it exposes me to so many aspects of life. I can relate to what Chief Keef is saying, what Chance is talking about, and what Rockie Fresh is creating. There's so much beauty in Chicago right now."

In the new single, "Bittersweet", Noelz explores the balance between good and bad, rapping "ain't no heroes in my eyes because I do lies myself." The video captures silhouettes of Noelz rapping with viscous, cephalopod-like liquid smoke rising in the background, juxtaposed with scenes of a beautiful woman frustrated by her self-inflected pressures to be perfect. "It's like Black Swan," Noelz explains. "There's so much pressure for her to be good in other people's eyes that she can't even focus on her own comfort."

His debut album 'Bittersweet Victory' drops this Spring.

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