Video: #NewsOneNow Asks "Is The Church Failing Black Women???" [4.24.2014]

Video: @NewsOne Asks "What Do Blacks Think About Our Image In The Media???"

Thursday, Roland Martin tackled a controversial topic on “NewsOne Now”. Candace R. M. Gorham, author of "The Ebony Exodus Project", stopped by to discuss her book which advocates for Black women to rethink membership in the Black Church, where she says they’re not supported.

According to Gorham, "The Ebony Exodus Project" explores the reasons that record numbers of Black women are leaving the church. It also seeks to examine the negative effects the Black Church has on Black communities, & specifically Black women.

“Ebony Exodus attempts to do is highlight the discrepancy between what the Black Church promises women (health, wealthy, love, happiness, etc.) and the realities of the plight of Black women.”