Video: Negash Ali – Resurrected

Video: Negash Ali - Resurrected

The rapper Negash Ali is back to the roots and stage in Aarhus!

The rapper Negash Ali has returned to his hometown of Aarhus after 8 years abroad in London, Los Angeles and New York. Many years of travel with success, rootlessness, great ambitions and a severe addiction have led him back to where it all started.

Ten months of intense rehabilitation and minimal contact with the outside world was the reality of 29-year-old Aarhus rapper Negash Ali. A mix of a hardcore addiction and a sense of inadequacy meant that Negash Ali had to say goodbye to the American dream of “the big break” and move back home to Aarhus and unplug.

Negash has now reinvented himself and his desire to make music. He is back in top form from a break. The reinvention of himself and his principles has meant that his purpose and priorities within music have matured. The same has the priority of being connected to his roots in Aarhus.

There is something golden about coming home to Aarhus. I got to experience New York and Los Angeles to realize that there is more to life than chasing a commercial breakthrough overseas. Now, I have found the desire to make music in the city where I feel at ease and feel at home,” says Negash Ali.

Negash Ali has with his return reignited his previously successful collaboration with DJ Static. The renewed goal is to form a strong Aarhus base in hip hop with the same uncompromising and authentic approach to hip hop that started their collaboration in Aarhus back in 2007. A base with potential to “take over the world“.

From Aarhus to the US – and back again
Negash’s interest for rap already started as a child back in the childhood apartment building in Aarhus. Here, he was introduced by his childhood friend Andreas Seebach, to a more intellectual and political form of expression in contrast to the classicized gangster rap ideals like “drugs, money, and hoes“. Negash formed the rap group Cope ‘n’Ali as a 12-year-old with 6-year-old Andreas Seebach.

Negash Ali signed a contract with TG Management at the age of 13, which three years later lead to Negash becoming a part of the Aarhus-based rap collective Majors. Negash released his first solo album “Asmarino” as an 18-year-old following the success with Majors. The success of the “Asmarino” had taken him to London and the United States for the past eight years and led to collaborations with big names such as Bob Sinclar, Chris Brown, Jadakiss, and DJ Khalil. And now, that journey has also proven to lead him back to Aarhus.

New album on the way
The reignited collaboration with DJ Static has so far already led to several concerts in Aarhus in 2019, despite only having released the single “Moving” back in September 2019. A single that marks the new beginning for Negash, where the premise of music is a harsh and raw vocal tone with a retrospective, hard-hitting production. Negash Ali released his second single “Resurrected” on January 17, 2020 and the full studio album is released in the spring of 2020.