Video: Negash Ali – Moving

Video: Negash Ali - Moving

After 8 years abroad, the Aarhus rapper Negash Ali has reconnected again with DJ Static. The collaboration culminates in a new studio album with expected release in early 2020.

Over 10 years ago, Negash Ali and DJ Static were part of the Aarhus-based rap group Majors, which also included DMC world champion, DJ Noize. Then they made the critically acclaimed debut album ‘Asmarino’. Negash’s desire for an international “big break” has led his gaze towards musical capitals respectively London, Los Angeles and New York, where he has been on an 8 year long adventure with 2 album and 3 EP releases. This adventure has included collaboration with Bob Sinclar, Chris Brown, Jadakiss, and DJ Khalil. Negash’s priorities and purposes for music have matured throughout these years of acquiring experience outside of Denmark. The mission is now Negash to form a strong Aarhus base in hip-hop with a goal to take over world domination.

Negash and DJ Static are determined that the starting point should be the same uncompromising and “Old School” approach to hip hop as the previous releases such as “Asmarino” have illustrated. However, with a renewed energy and a lot more experience. The single “Moving” establishes this premise with the high production value along with a raw, adamant and “in your face” vocal tone. “Moving” may have a nostalgic feel of simpler times in hip hop but still gives the scene a breath of fresh air.

The project is manifested in an overwhelming and fierce metaphorical and lyrical approach, combined with a hard-hitting, retrospective music production. The upcoming studio album is Negash’s rebirth of its musical principles and a carefree approach to music that brings an infectious joy to the hip hop heart. The music thus speaks not only to the original fanbase, but also to the hip hop fans with an expectation of high lyrical content.

About Negash Ali:
The 28-year-old Negash Ali Abdella is a Danish / Eritrean rapper who, after an 8 year-span abroad, returns to Denmark with more experience and renewed goals. He spent the first 5 years of his life at Sandholm, a Danish refugee center.

Ali’s mother fled from Eritrea to Denmark at the age of just 16 with her 1 year old daughter Monna while pregnant with Negash. The desire for a life unrelated to the then bloody conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia, brought the family to Denmark. After a total of 5 years of residence at the Sandholm camp and an asylum center in Odder, Ali’s family was granted a residence permit in 1995, where they settled in Aarhus West.

Ali’s dueling identities, due to roots in Eritrea and his upbringing in Denmark, led him to the opportunity to express himself through hip hop. At the age of just 17, Negash became part of the rap collective Majors, after which he released his solo album titled “Asmarino” in 2009. Negash’s talent for rap and developing career led him abroad, where he has been for the past 8 years living in London, Los Angeles and New York.

Negash Ali has since released titles such as “The Collage”, “The African Dream” and most recently the album “The Ascension”, which was released while Negash was living in New York. These trips abroad have also led to collaboration with well-known names such as Bob Sinclar, Chris Brown, Jadakiss, DJ Khalil and more. Negash has had over 300 concerts over the years, including Roskilde Festival, Skanderborg Festival and 5 Danish tours, which also includes support shows for names such as Wiz Khalifa, NeYo, The Dream, Nas, Damian Marley, MF Doom, Tech N9ne and more. Negash’s success also involves over 1.5 million streams on Spotify.

Despite his immediate success stories from his stays abroad, Negash’s fundamental values have changed and has brought his focus back to Denmark. Negash wants to create timeless and passionate music with a strong base in Aarhus, which can take over the hip hop scene both nationally and internationally. It is his presence in Denmark that created him and it is an important part of Negash’s personal development.

The forthcoming album has an expected release in the beginning of 2020.