Video: Natalie Stewart (@The_Floacist) On Upcoming Floetry Reunion Tour w/ @DJSmallzEyes

Video: Natalie Stewart (@The_Floacist) On Upcoming Floetry Reunion Tour w/ @DJSmallzEyes

London, England’s Floetry broke onto the US music scene in 2002 with the radio hits “Floetic”, “Say Yes”, & “Getting Late”. Natalie Stewart (The Floacist) & Marsha Ambrosius (The Songstress) released two full-length albums, 'Floetic' & 'Flo’Ology', but the Neo Soul duo eventually parted ways to focus on their solo careers.

According to Stewart, Floetry is planning to reunite for a new tour. Supporters of the Grammy-nominated group can expect to see them officially back together later this year.

Stewart reveals to DJ Smallz Eyes:

“There’s a reunion coming up. Marsha & I are doing a lot of planning, getting things together. I say look out for us in the spring. I don’t have any definite dates, but yes there will be a reunion tour.”

Fans in London got to see Stewart & Ambrosius side-by-side on stage late last year. That was the first time they performed as Floetry since 2006.

Stewart says:

“Marsha & I touched a stage in December for the first time in eight years, and it was like autopilot”.

You can give Natalie Stewart's interview with DJ Smallz Eyes a watch below...

You can give Natalie Stewart's performance with Marsha Ambrosius a watch below...

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