Video: Mr. Collipark (@RealCollipark) Speaks On The State Of Black Music w/ @DJSmallzEyes

Video: Mr. Collipark (@RealCollipark) Speaks On The State Of Black Music w/ @DJSmallzEyes

The appropriation and exploitation of Black music has been a topic of conversation since the days of Jazz's dominance. Recent years have seen the subject repeatedly brought up in Hip Hop circles. Atlanta-based producer Mr. Collipark offered his opinions about the issue in an interview with DJ Smallz Eyes.

Mr. Collipark states:

"Black music has been fucked. It's fucked, it's raped, it's whored out from the core. From a street level all the way up to corporate. It used to be we could sit down here on the street level and be mad at corporate… Now 90% of the motherfuckers involved in Black music ain't got no business here. That starts even with the DJs."

Collipark goes on to discuss how a less talented performer with financial backing can reach a greater level of success than a gifted artist. In his eyes, a culture once focused on the music is now mostly concerned with making money.

The head of Collipark Music points to the decline in Hip Hop/R&B sales as evidence the quality of the work is not resonating with the public.

Collipark said:

"The bad part about Black music right now??? All of it's shit – most of it, 90% of it is literally shit. Now I have actual lack of records to back it up. Before you could say, 'He's just hating.' Black music ain't selling. People are still buying what they give a fuck about."

Mr. Collipark (aka DJ Smurf) played a significant role in the careers of Soulja Boy, Ying Yang Twins, V.I.C., & Hurricane Chris. He released his own album 'Versastyles' in 1995 & the mixtape 'Can I Have The Club Back Please' in 2011.

Collipark added:

"I hope Black music gets to a point where it has to shit out all the bad. "Everybody needs to go get day jobs."

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