Video: Miami Baby Gets Shot In The Head & Lives

Video: Miami Baby Gets Shot In The Head & Lives

A South Florida family has received some good news after rushing a baby boy to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the head.

Doctors at Jackson Memorial Hospital have successfully removed the bullet from little Shaba's head and his grandmother is calling his condition miraculous. "I have God to thank for saving his life," said the boy's grandmother, Truda Hanna.

Shaba was shot in the head early Sunday morning, a day before his second birthday. "His birthday is today. He's 2 years old today, and well, what a way to spend it," said Hanna as she stood outside the hospital, Monday.

His grandmother said the toddler's grandfather was holding him outside the little boy's mother's home, near Northwest 75th Street and Northwest Eighth Avenue in Miami. He was sleeping in his grandfather's arms, when guns went off, according to Hanna. She said the grandfather ducked, but a single bullet hit Shaba in the head. "He just opened the door, and then just bullets started flying everywhere, so you know, all he did was run to the nearest place that he can cover the child, and by the time he got ready to go, you know, bullets come fast," Hanna said.

Hanna said, "The reason he was outside was because his grandfather had him in his arms. Someone knocked on the door to see whether or not my daughter was there. When he came outside, the person who knocked on the door, I don't know whether they were being followed or whatever, but the shots started from there."

Doctors rushed Shaba into surgery to remove the bullet. "The doctors did everything they could possibly do," said Hanna. "They did a great job. He's recovering. It didn't hit any arteries, it didn't cripple him. He's not in a coma. He's breathing on his own."

According to the family, the bullet was just inches away from taking his life. "I would be mad at the world, I would've been disappointed, but I have no reason to because miracles happen everyday," Hanna said.

7News spoke to the child's mother, who said she is too shaken to talk and wants to move out of their neighborhood. She also said she wants to keep her and her son's identity anonymous, calling the little boy by his nickname only.

Shaba remains in critical condition, but his family said he is expected to make a full recovery. He has been ordered to get a CAT scan.

The family also said Shaba has been sedated because every time he wakes up he starts thrashing around and doesn't quite understand what is going on. "When he wakes up, he wants to get out and get around, but they have to have him strapped down because he's pulling," Hanna said.

The shooter remains at large. Witnesses at the scene have said the shooter may have been in a car. "Anybody that can open fire when there's a baby around, they don't have no remorse, they don't have a heart at all," Hanna said.

Hanna calls the entire incident evil. "Gun play is not the way to solve anything," said Hanna. "I just want that brought to justice."

Hanna is just happy Shaba is able to celebrate his birthday, despite it being in a hospital. Still, this kind of violence worries her. "Where are we safe? Where can the kids play?" Hanna said.

"I don't even know who they were shooting at, but whatever they were shooting at, it wasn't worth it," Hanna said.

Doctors are not sure when Shaba will be released from the hospital as he awaits the CAT scan.

Miami-Dade Police said the vehicle involved may be a white or silver newer-model Infiniti. It may also have several bullet holes in it.

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