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Video: #MethodMan Feels The Media Should Stop Reporting Racist Police Shootings

Method Man stopped by “HuffPost Live” this week to promote his new movie “The Cobbler”. During his interview, the Wu-Tang Clan founding member shared his thoughts on the media. The conversation stemmed from Meth’s recent tiff with XXL, but it expanded out to include press coverage of shootings at the hands of police officers.

Method Man said:

“Since Eric Garner and the whole case with Ferguson – just yesterday two different news reports on two different people being shot by cops. Whether it was justified or not, it’s like give it a break already. Instead of trend news, let’s just do the news. Let’s not just go with what’s trendy at that point… If you’re going to do trend stories, let’s do trend stories about twerking, big booties. Something we can really get into.”

Host Ricky Camilleri then asked Meth if the “trend stories” were helping the public by bringing attention to the fact African-Americans are being targeted and killed by law enforcement.

Method Man responded:

“Yes, but when you take an Eric Garner case and you see it for what it is – choked or whatever – but then you take a case where it’s a justifiable homicide, but then you try and make it look like an Eric Garner type of situation. That’s where I draw the line.”

You can give Method Man’s interview a full watch below…

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