Video: @Matisyahu – Love Born

Video: @Matisyahu - Love Born

Matisyahu releases visuals for "Love Born", a fusion of Reggae & Hip Hop.

More than a decade after Matisyahu's seminal release 'Live At Stubbs', the singer-songwriter has formed a band that truly gives itself over to the music on par with his lyrical desire to connect to something beyond the self. The band features original Stubbs guitarist Aaron Dugan, Dub Trio bassist Stu Brooks, keyboard virtuoso BigYuki, & percussionist Tim Keiper.

Combined, the music & lyrics transcend their parts. At its most basic moments the music feels alive; an entity unto itself, being born in the moment and evolving each night.

At its most exultant moments, the music becomes full-band improvisation. Lyrics are rearranged on the spot to serve the energy of the jam. No instrumentalist is playing simply to demonstrate individual skill, and Matisyahu uses his beat-boxing not as a party trick, but as an essential element to the full band improvisation, propelling the music further than it's been before.

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