Video: Mandy Groves – Blow [Prod. Shinu]

Video: Mandy Groves - Blow [Prod. Shinu]

On Thursday (9.12.2019), Mandy Groves dropped the video for her summer hit, “BLOW” produced by and featuring her go-to favorite, Shinu. “I wanted to make a fun video that was wholesome AND sexy. Something that was about the pure fun of hanging out with friends but still had a glamorous vibe and a story.” In the video, Mandy and Shinu break into a roller rink after hours to throw a party with a small group of their friends. Shinu climbs into the DJ booth and the group takes full advantage of the empty facility. Mandy and a couple of the other girls play matchmaker for the video’s two love interests, who are actually engaged in real life. The carefree vibe of the video reiterates the chill tones of the four-on-floor House-inspired track.

“It’s no secret that as a team, Shinu and I work quickly,” Mandy shared. The singer/producer duo wrote, produced, and recorded the song shortly after releasing their last work, an R&B cover of Lil Nas X’s “C7osure” alongside crooner, Adiel Mitchell.

Back in May Mandy released her second EP, BLAME, also produced by Shinu. From concept to completion, the five song project took 30 days to develop. “BLOW” was no different. “As soon as we realized what a bop we had, we wanted to get it out there ASAP,” she said. “Time is usually our only obstacle.”

“Dance and House are near and dear to my heart so this song feels very natural for me,” she continued. “We still incorporated the familiar hip-hop, R&B and trap feel that motivates my music and I hope to combine the genres in a new way moving forward. We also wanted to make a track to dance and have fun to for the summer.”

“I haven’t talked much about this,” she continued. “…but I dislocated my knee during the very first shot of the day at Roller City West. I wanted to get the choreography shots out of the way but during the first run through I spun around and the lower half of my leg stayed. My rubber sole gripped the rink floor. Everyone was so caring and helpful.”

The incident pushed back production for the video a bit but the team still finished the music video in time for the pending release. Every shot of Mandy in and around the rink is after the injury. “Except for the choreography scene,” she said. “Some of that is cut from the same shot where I dislocated my knee!”

Click below to watch “BLOW”, and then stream the song, available now on all platforms!

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