Video: Lord Jamar Talks Beyonce’s Black Panther Party Halftime Tribute On VladTV

Video: Lord Jamar Talks Beyonce's Black Panther Party Halftime Tribute On VladTV

Last week, every media outlet reported on the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show & Beyonce’s seemingly controversial “Formation” performance. Upon hearing several of the news highlights – particularly Toronto councillor Jim Karygiannis’ remarks – VladTV regular Lord Jamar responded with a hearty laugh as he feels headlining band Coldplayallowed the Black people to do the heavy lifting“. “At what point do you not try to chastise a whole organization or a whole race of people for something that maybe a few people did?

Throughout the clip, Lord Jamar questions why some felt what Beyonce did was wrong despite their ongoing support of police.

Lord Jamar explains:

“See there’s times when the police tried to kill the Black Panthers and they fought back – and then the fucking police just happened to get the bad end of the stick. They were so used to just killing motherfuckers with no defense that is was really surprising when the Black Panthers started fighting back…So what’d they do? They changed the law…That’s the epitome of racism.”