Video: Lord Jamar Let’s It Be Known That ‘Iggy Azalea Doesn’t Give A Fuck About Hip-Hop’

Video: Lord Jamar Let's It Be Known That 'Iggy Azalea Doesn't Give A Fuck About Hip-Hop'

Lord Jamar sat down with VladTV and shared his opinion on fellow Golden Age MC Rah Digga saying she doesn’t believe Iggy Azalea is real Hip-Hop because she’s trying too hard to sound like a Southern MC, which Lord Jamar agrees with and respects Rah for stating out loud, especially when other rappers are too afraid to share their true opinions on Iggy or on Hip-Hop in general.

He goes on to say Iggy doesn’t really care about Hip-Hop because to her it’s simply a hustle, pointing out that she tried to go pop before and it didn’t work, so now she’s trying rap, and if rap didn’t work, she’d probably try modeling or any number of things.

Listen to Lord Jamar’s take below…

[xyz-ihs snippet=”LordJamarLetsItBeKnownThatIggyAzaleaDoesntGiveAFuckAboutHipHopVideoClip”]

News & video source courtesy of VladTV!!!

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