Video: London’s #LionHeart (@LionHeartfelt) Puts Spoken Word Spin On #JohnLegend’s ‘All Of Me’

Video: London's #LionHeart (@LionHeartfelt) Puts Spoken Word Spin On #JohnLegend's 'All Of Me'

“I’m a man bearing his heart to the world about how putting another’s happiness before themselves, regardless of the “FriendZone” association & how they’re seen because of it. I have been there, I’m sure many men have been there too.

Although people typically RIDICULE those in a situation such as this, sometimes it teaches you the capacity of love you can have for someone you’re not meant to be with. And inadvertently teaching yourself how strong you are emotionally to deal with the consequences of this decision.

I have had a lot of positive feedback from men about sharing the sentiment in this poem, my AIM is to encourage other men to open up about how they feel, leading by example, and putting my own experiences on the line & owning them. No matter how emotional/vulnerable it may make me appear to be.” –LionHeart