Video: @Lessondary (@ElucidWho @CheGrand @Donwill) – PTSD [Prod. @BrickBeats | Dir. @Jermiside]

Video: @Lessondary (@ElucidWho @CheGrand @Donwill) - PTSD [Prod. @BrickBeats | Dir. @Jermiside]

Being Black in America is traumatic to say the least and with therapy flat out inaccessible to most of us self-medication is more than a coping mechanism, it's damn near an institution. Why else would every hood have a liquor store & church on every corner??? The same reason that jail has replaced college in those same communities, because trauma is in our DNA.

In this Jermiside-directed clip Elucid, Che Grand, & Donwill address this stress and do their best to explain just how hard surviving it can be.

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