Video: Lánre (@IAmLanre) – Dreams

British singer Lánre back in September 18, 2016 [Press Photo]

British Nigerian singer-songwriter Lánre releases new music video for “Dreams”

British Nigerian singer songwriter Lánre is ready to start writing new music but before that she has released an official music video for “Dreams“, the brand new single from her ‘Human‘ EP. The video directed by Alexandra MacEwan & features contemporary artist Rebecca Sangster.

The visual centers around the constant push & pull, mostly internal that comes with living one’s dreams. Lánre’s “Dreams” hopes that this will encourage the dreamer in each & everyone to go for what’s theirs and to respond to the soul’s call to live one’s dreams.

In the last few months since the release of her ‘Human’ EP, she has been commissioned to write two songs for COAT, a sold out stage play at the Roundhouse by Yomi Sode, & a song for the 80th Anniversary celebration of Cable Street. She was also one of the 14 artists selected by Brighter Sound for a 4-Day Residency Artist Director’s Series led by the Mercury Award nominee Eska & Cardboard Citizens’ artistic director Adrian Jackson.

Lánre as well as touring Canada, France, NYC and Sweden has taken her unique sound of Acoustic Soul, Folk, & captivating storytelling influenced by her Yoruba heritage, to the Royal Albert Hall, Greenbelt Festival, Edinburgh Fringe, Bath Music Festival, Folkstock Festival, Musicport Festival, & the Brighton Fringe, among others. She’s currently working on a new album that will be released in 2018.