#Video: Kooley High – Ceiling (@KooleyHigh)

Kooley High - Ceiling [Music Video Clip]

Kooley High has seen many acts come and go since their inception in 2008. This perseverance has led to several acclaimed releases, and the opportunity to craft their newest album with the assistance of Grammy award winning producer 9th Wonder.

Kooley High - Never Come Down [Album Artwork]

‘Never Come Down’ is a testament to Kooley’s growth sonically and serves as their most complete work to date. MC’s Charlie Smarts and Tab-One have elevated their wordplay along with DJ Ill Digitz’ scratch work. In-house producers Sinopsis and Foolery also show inspired progression on ‘Never Come Down’, which showcases production from 9th Wonder’s production team, the Soul Council as well. Features on the album include Jamla Records’ own Rapsody, along with longtime collaborators Median and Carlitta Durand.

Kooley High on March 7, 2018 [Press Photo]

Ten years after starting their journey in music, Kooley High comes full circle. This new album serves as a reminder to the world that even despite the current climate you should evolve, stay true to yourself, and ‘Never Come Down’.

Pre-orders for the ‘Never Come Down’ album, which is set to drop on 3.30.2018, are available via iTunes | Vinyl