Video: Kokane (@KokaneOfficial) feat. @TooShort - Luvin A Pimp

Video: Kokane (@KokaneOfficial) feat. @TooShort - Luvin A Pimp 2

With 'King Of G Funk' on the way & his recently released video for "Yall N****x" in rotation, Kokane seems restless as he releases a visual to his song "Luvin A Pimp" featuring legendary Bay Area rap veteran Too Short.

"Luvin A Pimp" has a catchy Summer vibe & features appearances by former pimp Suga Free & more. With the West Coast hip hop scene resurfacing, Kokane lets everybody know that he's a force to be reckoned with.

Kokane In 9.9.2015 [Press Photo]

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Get ready for Kokane's 'King Of G Funk' album - COMING SOON!!!