Video: @KingdomKome feat. Hell Razah (@Razah_Rubiez), @RasCeylon, & @AGLyonz - Shadow Empire

MP3: @KingdomKome feat. Hell Razah (@Razah_Rubiez), @RasCeylon, & @AGLyonz - Shadow Empire

There's a revolution coming, will you fight or will you run? Will you rise or will you fall? Will you stand up for the call?

Kingdom Kome returns with the 2nd single, "Shadow Empire", to his upcoming sophomore album 'All Beasts Show Their Teeth'. "Shadow Empire" features Hell Razah from Wu Tang Clan offspring group Sunz of Man, along with Zulu Nation brethren Ras Ceylon, & fellow South Floridian AG Lyonz providing the haunting hook .

"Shadow Empire" is a hard hitting track that sheds light on the elite that control the world through subversive tactics that keep people asleep & in a state of confusion. This track is here to wake people up!!!

You can give the music video for "Shadow Empire" a watch below...