Video: @King_Nahh Speaks On "The Funeral To Bury Violence In Newark" [Dir. @DashLiving]
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Video: @King_Nahh Speaks On “The Funeral To Bury Violence In Newark” [Dir. @DashLiving]

Watch as actor & entertainer King Nahh (of TeachThemTV) speaks on “The Funeral To Bury Violence In Newark“!!!

A coalition of community-based organizations and funeral homes brought together by 211 Community Impact is organizing “The Funeral to Bury Violence in Newark“. The purpose of this event is to magnify the impact that the senseless violence and killing surging through our city has on every resident and to organize a collective stand in support of community healing and renewal.

The Funeral” will be held on October 27, 2013 and include five funeral processions, one leaving from each ward that will come together at central location for the “The Funeral” service. Processions will travel a predetermined route, be led by a team of event organizers and funeral directors, and travel with police escorts.