Video: Kidd Kidd (@ItsKiddKidd) Talks Obama & Deez Nuts' Presidential Nomination On @DJSmallzEyes

Audio: NC Voters (Deez Nuts For President) Awarded #DonkeyOfTheDay [8.20.2015]

Reallionaire/G-Unit rapper Kidd Kidd recently sat down with DJ Smallz to get his opinion on the job Barack Obama has done as President.

Kidd Kidd said:

"When Obama came in everything was fucked up already. A lot of people give this man so much hatred & so much bullshit, but everything was already fucked up. All he could do was come in & try to fix it. He can't fix it overnight. But he was doing a good job to me. He was one of those Presidents that was for the people."

You can give the rest of the interview a watch below to get Kidd Kidd's hilarious take on Deez Nuts' presidential nomination.