Video: Kid Infamous (@RealKidInfamous) – Good Morning [Dir. @KornegayMedia]

Video: Kid Infamous (@RealKidInfamous) - Good Morning [Dir. @KornegayMedia]

Raleigh/Durham rapper Kid Infamous releases “Good Morning” a new visual of his personal wakeup call & why he began to rap. Produced by Basquiat & directed by JK Media, Kid illustrates what his life would have become if he had not found music as an outlet.

Kid Infamous raps:

“Like 50 Cent, I just had to get rich. Found the piece to the puzzle, now everything makes sense.”

About Kid Infamous:
Born in Brooklyn, New York & raised in Durham, North Carolina, Kid Infamous grew up with hopes of reaching a single goal — making it through the day alive & fed. In Brooklyn, his father was a DJ & his mother worked endless hours at multiple jobs to support the family.

But when his father began his journey through the criminal justice system, pinned as an alleged drug dealer, Kid Infamous looked for other ways into his manhood. He turned to music.

To support his family, Kid Infamous pawned prized possessions & eventually ended up getting arrested himself. The darkness of his childhood sparked his current dark sound, but also surprisingly lit the way to his inherent musical talent.