Video: Kendrick Lamar Talks Ferguson, Self Love, & Racial Confidence With MTV

Editorial: @KendrickLamar Drops Artwork For His Upcoming Single 'I'

There’s a lot of people from prior generations that believe that Hip Hop has hurt black culture, but artists like Kendrick Lamar have proven different in several ways. In a recent interview with MTV, Kendrick has opened up about the racial tensions in Ferguson and the injustice of the Eric Garner case, while connecting his single “i” and his musical catalogue to the importance of race self worth.

“I remember coming up in the city of Compton, and having [those] same type of ordeals. Not as dramatic, but the same situation. So when i make a record like “i”, this is not about me, this is not just a single. this is not about how many songs can be sold on a media base. It’s about what goes on in real life in actual factual. so when you strip down the jury and strip down the chains what are you talking about?…”

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