Video: Kahlee & Muds (@Kahlee310 @MightyMuds) – #BarsWeekly Ep. 42 of 52

Video: Kahlee & Muds (@Kahlee310 @MightyMuds) - #BarsWeekly Ep. 42 of 52

There are only 10 weeks left in Kahlee and Muds One’s acapella rap series, #BarsWeekly as the new year rapidly approaches. As usual, Kahlee delivers bars and strong content in week 42.

Kahlee’s new radio show, also called “Bars Weekly” can be heard on the Delicious Vinyl channel on Dash Radio Friday Nights 6-7pm (PST) and again Monday mornings, 8-9am (PST) on 2Mex Hologram Radio.

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