Video: Kahlee & Muds (@Kahlee310 @MightyMuds) – #BarsWeekly Ep. 35 of 52

Video: Kahlee & Muds (@Kahlee310 @MightyMuds) - #BarsWeekly Ep. 35 of 52

Kahlee & Muds One visit BeatBox Records in San Diego’s Barrio Logan for episode 35 of the acapella, rap series #BarsWeekly. For past episodes, visit!!!

Listen to Delicious Vinyl’s channel on DASH Radio this Sunday night from 9pm-10pm PST as Kahlee & DJ Eyeball broadcast an episode of Bars Weekly (Radio) live from the West Adams Block Party at Delicious Pizza at 5419 W. Adams Blvd in Los Angeles.

West Adams Block Party @ Delicious Pizza [Event Artwork]