Video: Judge Joe Brown Feels That Tyler Perry's 'Madea' Is 'Very Bad For Our Community'
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Video: Judge Joe Brown Feels That Tyler Perry’s ‘Madea’ Is ‘Very Bad For Our Community’

Judge Joe Brown remembered times when singers Ike Turner & Rick James appeared on his show (separately), in which he says “got real funny” at times.

Besides gaining popularity in his music career & later being spoofed on Comedy Central’s “Chappelle Show“, Judge Brown recalls James having a dispute with a friend regarding his stolen instrument & says it became quite comical.

He told Vlad that the defendant joked that it wasn’t the first time a man groped him:

“What happened was they had a quarrel in a bar and he testified that someone was squeezing his behind and he thought it was one of the women around him and it turned out to be the musician [he was suing]. Rick said, ‘I stopped that, I don’t play that anymore.'”

On the other hand, Judge Brown recalls having Turner on his show over some legal woes he & his wife faced in his foundation where he donated & loaned money to abused women. The 68-year-old says that he only knew the musician for his positivity despite his abusive portrayal on “What’s Love Got To Do With It“.

He says that Turner would promote education & shake hands with people:

“We’d see Ike Turner and one of his boys riding around in a Rolls Royce quite often and he would always stop.”

See what he thinks about Tyler Perry dressing as a woman below…