Video: John Reilly (@JReillyRaps33) - Rabbit Hole [Prod. @Rediculus | Dir. @LarroGreatness]

Video: John Reilly (@JReillyRaps33) - Rabbit Hole [Prod. @Rediculus | Dir. @LarroGreatness]

Long Island rapper John Reilly makes passionate, eye-opening Hip-Hop that proves he’s not afraid to deal with issues we all face at some point in our lives. That’s what makes a track like “Rabbit Hole”, taken from his recently released 'Standing In The Face Of Time' EP, and its newly released video so important.

The video is directed by T.D. Hoople, a New York cinematographer who’s previously worked with Eff Yoo, Diabolic, & Taboo, among others. And for “Rabbit Hole”, Hoople completely embraces the concept of actually facing your inner demons instead of running from them.

Reilly plays the part of narrator, allowing his personal struggles with depression & loss to be portrayed by the video’s protagonist. As you’ll see in the visuals, the man is haunted by masked demons who seem to surround him at every turn. And it’s when he finally faces them that he realizes those beings, and the emotions they personify, were actually manifestations of himself that he must overcome. If not, he’ll just keep going down an emotional rabbit hole.

Check out the visuals for “Rabbit Hole” and be sure to download 'Standing In The Face Of Time', which is now available for free download here on The DigiSpot, courtesy of Platformz Music, an indie label based out of Chicago.