Video: J-Heat (@JHeatMuthafukaz) » God Of Rap
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Video: J-Heat (@JHeatMuthafukaz) » God Of Rap

I hate long intros because they usually don’t have shit to do with the video I’m getting ready to watch. But this particular music video might change my mind about how I feel about long intros. The intro to “God Of Rap” features a random rapper (starring Khari Waits as Sir Sips-A-Lot) in the studio saying the same shit we hear on radio until Buffalo rapper J-Heat puts his foot down. From there, the video cuts to J-Heat showing us what the “God Of Rap” sounds like. “God Of Rap” can be found on his triple album ‘Honor, Respect, & Loyalty‘ which you can download here!!!

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*For the people that have no interest in watching the intro, the song starts @ the 2:20 mark!!!