Video: #IzabelLaxamana Kills Herself After Shaming Footage Goes Public

Video: #IzabelLaxamana Kills Herself After Shaming Footage Goes Public

A 13-year-old girl jumped to her death shortly after her father posted a video publicly shaming her for “getting messed up” and cuts off her hair.

“Man, you lost all that beautiful hair,” Izabel Laxamana’s father says in the video as he pans the camera down to show the long, black hair on the ground. “Was it worth it? How many times have I warned you?”

Now, the Tacoma, Washington, middle schooler is dead, and many are saying that the public shaming video was an instrumental cause in pushing her over the edge.

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However, others are pointing to other stresses in her life, saying that she was bullied at school.

“I talked to her teacher. She was shamed in front of her peers by the principal and forced to withdraw her running for ASB Student Body President. She begged him to stop and he said wait in the hallway… She was getting bullied by family, peers, and administrator at school. No wonder she saw no way out,” wrote someone in the comments of the blog Tacoma Stories who identified herself as “Jenny.”

The blog itself closed the comments after some became inflammatory and after the family requested comments be closed, though in the original post about her suicide, Jack Cameron, who runs the blog, wrote, “There are those who believe that public shaming is an acceptable form of parenting. As this incident clearly shows, it’s not.”

The original 15-second video has been removed, but one of Laxamana’s friends shared it by taping the original on his phone.

News source courtesy of TheGrio!!!