Video: Is Homeschooling Becoming A Better Option For African-American Children???

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An estimated 220,000 African American children are currently being homeschooled, according to the National Home Education Research Institute.

Black families have become one of the fastest-growing demographics in homeschooling. Black students make up an estimated 10 percent of the homeschooling population.

Studies indicate black families are more likely to cite the culture of low expectations for African American students or dissatisfaction with how their children—especially boys—are treated in schools.

Cheryl Fields-Smith, an associate professor in the department of Educational Theory and Practice at the University of Georgia stated the following as it relates to the increased numbers of African American children being homeschooled:

"The schools want little black boys to behave like little white girls, and that's just never going to happen. They are different. I think Black families who are in a position to homeschool can use homeschooling to avoid the issues of their children being labeled 'trouble makers' and the suggestion that their children need special-education services because they learn and behave differently."

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