Video: Introducing Afrikmall, The First African-Themed Mall In America
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Video: Introducing Afrikmall, The First African-Themed Mall In America

Most of us in the Black community support the #BlackLivesMatter movement as well as supported the #JusticeOrElse movement. Both involved, to an extent, trying to prevent dollars (Black dollars, in particular) from going into white-owned businesses because of the way we were & still are treated historically.

As a Black man, I support these movements as well as all movements that work to the benefit of Black people. However, we still need to take Black dollars somewhere & this is where Black economics & Black-owned businesses must come into the discussion.

But all is not lost as we at inroduce to you Afrikmall, the first African-themed mall in America that is currently operating in Colorado. The current mall structure consists of around 24 stores, a movie theater, & a cultural center that fills up the 5000-square meter space.

Also featured are six restaurants from six African countries. Not only is this huge for the Black community, we as Black people should be jumping all over this.

Having an African-themed mall such as Afrikmall not only supports Black-owned businesses, but it also showcases our culture in a different way by displaying Black people in the world of business in a positive light…Malls like this are needed in every city!!!

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