Video: Ignite Mindz – Dayscheming

Video: Ignite Mindz - Dayscheming

"Dayscheming" is a "what would you do with few million" song.

Written after finally seeing a tiny glimmer of hope at a promotion at work, the hook says "can't wait, to make, these moves".

Ignite Mindz dayschemes with his head in the clouds over some dusty swinging horns and arpeggiating jazz harp.

Hoping to generate that revenue, and rev-a-new Bugatti engine.

The trick? Learn tricks we never knew.

There's a lyric video…

…as well as a live piano while rapping video…

Ignite remixes the song, rapping while playing "Billie Jean", which morphs into an improv of Jay Z's "Dead Presidents".