Video: @HipHopsRevival (@ChuckStarFilms @JassyRozay) Interviews @LilBibby_ [6.22.2015]

Video: @HipHopsRevival (@ChuckStarFilms @JassyRozay) Interviews @LilBibby_ [6.22.2015]

Lil Bibby talks ‘FC3‘, Spike Lee’s Film “Chiraq“, Giving Music For Free, & More!!!

Lil Bibby is easily one of the most popular artists coming out of Chicago right now. He has been working hard trying to make his mark on the game. Hip Hops Revival recently linked with him for an exclusive interview & he told them “he wanted to be remembered like Pac & Jay Z”.

Bibby is currently working on his new mixtape ‘Free Crack 3‘ & it is scheduled to be released in July. He says ‘Free Crack 3‘ will be the last of his ‘Free Crack‘ mixtape series. He also told Hip Hops Revival that this project has a “classic feel to it” & it has some big production.

Bibby also talked with Hip Hops Revival about Spike Lee’s new film “Chiraq“. He told them that he hoped that the movie shows what Chicago is really like.

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