Video: Gyasi Ross (@BigIndianGyasi @CabinGamesLLC) – Harvard

Video: Gyasi Ross (@BigIndianGyasi @CabinGamesLLC) - Harvard

Spoken word artist Gyasi Ross presents the official video for “Harvard“, a powerful piece speaking to the plight of Native American’s in the U.S. educational system. This track appears on Gyasi’s album ‘Isskootsik (Before Here Was Here)‘, which is available now via Seattle’s Cabin Games.

Ross speaks to the message of the video:

“White supremacy is all-encompassing within the United States; one aspect is that it has long overlooked the humanity & value of Brown & Black intellect & development. Consequently, within Native American communities, Native people have the highest dropout rates of any ethnic group in the U.S. Yet, Brown & Black people are regaining our footing and realizing that the educational systems are simply another place where we must defeat white supremacy. Native youth are realizing, like Manny, that we got this–compared to the struggles that we’ve already overcome, this is easy.”

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